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LA Dispute Coming To Boston!

With plenty of amazing tours coming through Boston this year, deciding which ones to get to can be tough. One I will not be missing, and highly suggest you don’t, is La Dispute. La Dispute is a band from the upper midwest who put so much soul into their music. La Dispute provides thought provoking music with a punch. I have been listening to their latest work titled Wildlife, which was released towards the end of last year. 

La Dispute starts their North American tour this Saturday. They will be in Boston on Monday April 30th, at The Middle East, in Cambridge MA. Balance and Composure, All Get Out, and Sainthood Reps also will be appearing on this tour. Do yourself a favor, and pickup La Disputes latest album (if you haven’t already) and a ticket to their show. You won’t want to miss this!

LA Disputes Website


Writeup by Mark MacLeod

Kickin It Daily Interview

Alec Holt; Kickin It Daily Owner

    In todays world it is all to easy to sit back and accomplish nothing. Any time I see an individual or group thats taking the initiative to put their all into a project, I have hope. These people should be acknowledged, which is part of what BSTN is trying to do. We are trying to provide insight of the Boston culture, and the people who are adding to it daily. In a town a few miles outside of Boston, they do this by Kickin It Daily. Kickin It Daily is an up in coming clothing brand established by Alec Holt, a 17 year old from California who is contributing to todays street wear culture. I met with him for a short interview and photo shoot to showcase the up in coming brand.

    What are some of your favorite brands or shops?

-Some favorite brands gotta be Diamond Supply Co, Obey, Cloud Kicker, Supra, and Neff. Fav shops, would be Karma loop, Zumiez, and Tillys.

    How did Kickin It Daily start?

- Haha, well I’ve always had an interest in clothes, especially in street wear, fashion and one day,  me and my girlfriend Gianna Dolan were talking on the phone and I just randomly said “K.I.D” Kickin It Daily and we both paused and I repeated it a few more times and thought that would be a perfect clothing brand name. I told my best friend Nick McDaniel about it later on and he thought it was perfect and ever since then we began working on the brand.

    What do you draw inspiration from? 

- I think growing up in Southern California and how living there exposed me to street wear fashion really got me into it. I love the style and the feel that street wear brings to you and how you can express yourself in a different way.

   How does street fashion blend into the rest of the local culture? 

- I feel like street fashion ties into the local culture because the way you dress is a way to express yourself. Same goes with musicians and there music and artists and their art, street fashion is just another way to show how you are as a person.

  Alec explained how street wear is self expression, which is a form of art.

  What kind of products do you carry?

- Well K.I.D started only 2 months ago so we don’t have much yet but so far K.I.D has hoodies, crewnecks, snapbacks, and in a couple weeks tees.

New Kickin It Daily Snapback  Back logo on a Kickin It Daily hoodie

Kickin It Daily's Outerwear

  What can we expect the brand to release in the near future?

- We have the new tees coming out called “Blind The Bull S#IT”  which are going to be dope and we have designs drawn up for tanks, socks, snapbacks, and hoodies.

   New Kickin It Daily Design

  Where can I get some gear?

- You can get gear at our website which is or if you live in Boston we can always negotiate a meet up somewhere.

   Where do you hope to see your brand in the next couple years?

- In the next couple years, I want Kickin It Daily to expand more. I want people to know about the brand more. I want to see us in stores, magazines, websites, etc. I also want to sponsor a big name musician or skater in the next couple years to!

   Any last thoughts for us?

 - Make sure to follow Kickin It Daily on facebook and to checkout our website I also want to give a shout out to Nick McDaniel, the co owner of Kickin It Daily, doing his thing down in Florida haha. I want to give a shout out to my family,  Gianna Dolan, and my fans who’s been supporting me this whole time. Finally a shout out to the homie Mark Macleod for the magic he does when it comes to media. 

Alec Holt

    Alec has a lot of drive to keep this brand going. He is constantly thinking of ways to make his product better. After receiving a snapback for review, I found amazing quality. During the photo shoot I also got a chance to check out current product. Everything has been professionally made, with lots of time put into design. Alec is a sincere individual who deserves a second of your time. A simple, laid back brand name with imagery to remind you of certain aspects of life. What more could you want? The Blind The Bullshit shirts release next week on the web store, so be sure to grab one before their gone! 

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Photos and Writeup by Mark MacLeod

  Johnny Earle is very well known around the world for his Boston based brand Johnny Cupcakes. Starting as just a joke, the brand continued growth through Johnny’s unique approach to running a business. He went from selling t-shirts out of his car, to running four prime locations around the world. Johnny started The Lecture Series to help share his approach to running a successful business. At these lectures he shares his out of the box methods for success, which can be applied to any kind of business. Johnny’s lectures cover everything from how you market with no start up money to how important creating an experience for your customers can be. He also covers issues the company has had over the years. “I look at business as a puzzle, a fun puzzle to figure out,” said Johnny. 

  The lecture at Fisher College attracted many students, filling Alumni Hall. Johnny gave an insightful overview of his life story. He tied in important business lessons he has learned through creating his brand. The lecture ended with a brief Q and A segment, were students could ask questions about Johnny’s endeavors. 

To learn more about Johnny Cupcakes or the Lecture Series, Please Visit

Photos and write up by Mark Macleod